Vernon Wedding: Devon + Anastasia

This could be the very reason why I’m a photographer. Why I strive for the best I can be, and why Carissa and I put so much care and attention into our clients.

Anastasia emailed me about her wedding, and she was so excited! I think it’s probably best that you read it for yourself (Thank Anastasia for allowing me to put this email on the blog for others to feel empowered by!)

Hey Matt,

You probably get this a lot, but I have to say it – you are a truly talented artist! We would feel blessed to have you capture the memories that will be made if you are available!!!

Devon and I are very low-key. We’re known for being super cheesy with our humour.., everyone rolls their eyes, but who are we kidding – they probably love it and would miss it if it wasn’t there right? 😉 We love our families and when it comes to friends, we prefer quality over quantity. We’re planning a small wedding – 50 people). Simple and elegant would best describe the day we hope to have.

Thanks! Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend. 🙂

Anastasia and Devon

This email was followed up with a from the heart message about how she feels:

Btw, a little background on why I’m being so picky about my choice of photographer: nine years ago I was diagnosed with a skin condition which produced non-healing wounds for years at a time. It ended up disfiguring my face and leaving scars over my whole face (and the rest of my body), as well as one that has affected my right eyelid. Typically it could have all been repaired, but the way these wounds begin is with trauma to the skin so surgeons were not too keen on doing any kind of work. Dealing with my health has been a rollercoaster for sure, yet the way that it has transformed my heart – I would not trade it for the beauty that replaced it years ago. It’s so hard to say, but I’m grateful for the scars that remind me every day of the mercy of the Lord!! At the very same time, the face that looks back at me in the mirror each morning is not the face I see in my head when I think about it. This is going to sound nuts, but somehow looking through your pictures online made me feel like you would be able to capture that with your awareness of little details (like light and lines), your perspective and creativity.

I hope I didn’t come across sounding vain; I simply want to be able to one day look back on the pictures with Devon and just relive the amazing day together! Anyhow – any suggestions would be so appreciated. 🙂

I literally had tears in my eyes reading this, and was so happy to be chosen to be there for them on their wedding day. It was such a beautiful day, and I was honored to be a part of it! Here are a few of my favorites that tell the story of their day…

country wedding_0025.jpg

country wedding_0026.jpg

country wedding_0027.jpg

country wedding_0028.jpg

country wedding_0029.jpg

country wedding_0030.jpg

country wedding_0031.jpg

country wedding_0032.jpg

country wedding_0033.jpg

country wedding_0034.jpg

country wedding_0035.jpg

country wedding_0036.jpg

country wedding_0037.jpg

country wedding_0038.jpg

country wedding_0040.jpg

country wedding_0041.jpg

country wedding_0043.jpg

country wedding_0044.jpg

country wedding_0045.jpg

Congratulations Devon & Anastasia!! Love you guys!



  • Savannah St. Jean - Matt, gorgeous work! And what an absolutely stunning bride! You captured such great emotion in these pictures too. Perfectly done.

  • Ruth Callender - Absolutely exquisite…both the pictures and the bride!

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