6 things you should do right after you get engaged!

Written by: Carissa Kennedy

It isn’t a surprise- getting engaged is exciting!! You are just beaming as you excitedly tell your family, best friends, hair dresser, newspaper boy that you’re engaged!! I can remember the first week I would keep glancing at my new ring to see the different ways my ring sparkled in various lights! The thought of getting started on the wedding planning (that you started planning in your head since you were 5 years old) can be both exhilarating and overwhelming!!


1.    Glamour up those nails!

The few weeks after you’re engaged is when it seems like the whole world is looking at your fingers!  I got proposed to during a softball game, so I probably should have taken my own advice as I’m assuming my nails didn’t look so great. Spas often have brides coming in as soon as they are engaged to beautify their nails as they find everyone is asking to see that ring on your finger. You can even go to a nail salon and just ask for a polish change for a fresh look.


2.    Decide on type of wedding!

When you’re engaged is a good idea to all get on the same page as a vision for your wedding day. Talk to your fiancé and maybe your immediate families and figure out what type of wedding you would like to have.

Do you want a wedding of 200 guests, or do you want a small intimate wedding wedding of 30-50 guests?

Do you envision a fancy, lavish wedding day or a more relaxed, casual wedding?

Do you want a traditional or non-traditional wedding?

Have you always dreamed of a wedding on the Beach? Church? Backyard? Hotel?

Do you want to have a destination wedding?

3.    Start brainstorming possible dates.

Deciding on a wedding date can be tricky sometimes! There can be so many factors to think about (beach wedding in December doesn’t usually work)! It is sometimes good to come up with 2-3 dates at first that could be possibilities.

 4.    Get a Wedding Planner/Checklist

Local book stores and a lot of websites have amazing planning tools for helping you plan your wedding! Very soon we are going to be releasing our Ultimate Wedding Checklist for brides to download, so be sure to LIKE our Facebook page so you are first to know when it becomes available. I’m a list person, so checklists are the way to my heart! They just keep you on track and help you think of things that you may not think about.


5.    Reserve the best!

Venues, Photographers & Planners book up fast!! If you have a favorite venue, photographer and/or planner in mind, inquire with them to make sure they are available for the 2-3 dates you have in mind. It is always disappointing to brides to find out when they booked their venue, that the photographer or planner they had always hoped to work with is already booked for that date. Before making anything permanent, it is a good idea to make sure that the vendors that are really important to you are available. Matt and I came up with our wedding date before looking into anything. We really wanted to use a certain photographer and he was booked for the day we were planning, so we changed our date to one he was available! We are so grateful we prioritized that! Once you know you have professionals you really wanted to use available for a certain date – book it! Remember: Venues, photographers and planners book up quick!!

street-0605_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Kailey-Michelle from Kailey-Michelle Events 

 6.    Set the Budget

After you’ve done a bit of research to find out the general costs of wedding services, start creating a budget. The things that are most important to you, feel free to splurge a little bit on those things, while holding back more on the things that are less important. We didn’t have chair covers at our wedding- gasp! Those type of things just weren’t important to us.  Spend the money on the important things! It is also important to find out if parents are helping with the costs or if you are paying for it on your own. We have an article coming up in the next few weeks on how to budget your wedding (stay tuned).


In the meantime, let us know what your tips are for when you first get engaged. Leave a comment!




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