Jewel Ballroom Wedding: Ivan & Joanne

For so many reasons, this wedding is close to my heart!

I first met Ivan and Joanne over an afternoon coffee in downtown vancouver, at which they brought Joanne’s lovely mother! We got to know each other as Joanne’s mother smiled from ear to ear and Ivan grilled me about why I’m a photographer and how I would approach their wedding. We had such a great open and even emotional conversation as I dove into what really keeps me thrilled about the job I have.

I then got an email from Ivan shortly after the meeting letting me know that they were thrilled with my obvious passion for my work and that they would love to have me photograph their wedding. I’m so glad that I was able to articulate in that meeting just how important photography is to me, and why I feel so blessed to be able to do this for people.

Ivan and Joanne met, as they would say “later in life”. Ivan had been living in Vancouver for about 2.5 years when he asked his friend…”do you know of anybody I should meet?” He immediately set them up together and love traveled fast! The connection between these two is so apparent to anyone who lays eyes on them, and I was so privileged to get to capture it on the biggest day of their lives.

For many years, Ivan worked with  Samaritan’s Purse and traveled the world with great organizations like Operation Christmas Child (Our family is putting together our boxes through our church next week, you should too!!) and other charities connected to Samaritan’s Purse. I fully stand behind this organization as it aims to change the world for the better, and I’m so glad to see that Ivan is so passionate about it! It is so evident that these two are genuine and caring! What a pleasure to work with them.

Here’s a peak into their wedding day…

ivanandjoanne-0001_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0006_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0009_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0016_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0020_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0022_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0026_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0029_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0032_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0037_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0041_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0048_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0051_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0053_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0064_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0066_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoannemasters-0922_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0068_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

ivanandjoanne-0074_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg



  • Autum Rhoades - Absolutely love the memories you’ve captured here. As a photographer myself, I really appreciate how any person looking at these images can see how in love they are, how beautiful their day was. Wonderful! Also, thank you for sharing your initial consultation with the couple. Photography isn’t just a hobby or a means to an end…it’s a passion to capture the beauty of God’s creation, the joy, the love, the moments that we hold in our hearts. Beautiful!

    Many Blessings,

    Autum Rhoades
    A Living Reminder Photography
    Matthew 6:33

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