Wedding Day Tip: Party for Two!

I loved my wedding day – it was very much us!! I don’t have many regrets even after 10 years, but one of the regrets we do have is that we didn’t really carve out any time for the two of us to just be with each other alone for a few minutes! One of my all time favorite wedding moments of 2013 was at Matt & Natalie’s wedding in Memphis! I don’t know if this is an American thing that people do, but at the end of the stand-up reception, they got all of their guests to leave the grand ballroom to get ready outside for their sparkler exit. While everyone was gone, that’s when they did their first dance – ALONE!!! Can I get a big Awwwwww?  It was so romantic! The lights were dim and they just enjoyed dancing with each other and taking the moment in!

Remember to carve some time (even if it is a few minutes) to be alone and soak everything in! If you’re a photographer, some of the ways we can do this is to have some moments where you tell the couple to go off a little in the distance and just hold each other and talk to each other. By using a longer lens, these can usually lead to some great candid shots!


– Carissa



  • Matt Whytsell - Favorite part of the day! Thanks so much for capturing it!

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