The unconventional ‘Kennedy Family Photo Shoot’!

Well we planned to do a proper family photo shoot in the summer, but with all of our weddings and events we put on with The International Academy of Wedding Photographers, it kept getting pushed. Through the last few weeks, I kept driving by this house that had a really long driveway with gorgeous leaves! It looked like such a perfect place to do some family photos.

It was all over the news that a HUGE storm was coming on Wednesday that would last a couple of days, SO with it being the Monday, we of course decided that we must do a shoot the next day! We were going to hire one of our professional photographer friends to do it, but looking at our schedules, we realized with all of the kids activities going on that we only had a 20 minute window, which didn’t make sense to hire a professional for. SO we put some outfits together, picked up Gracie from Wee College and met at this beautiful driveway. This may or may not have been tres-passing, but it was hard to tell because the house was so far away from the driveway 😉

We ran in, set up the tripod, bribed all of our kids and got these! Fifteen minutes later Matt & Zack were on their way to hockey!

Fast forward, 5 days later and almost all of the leaves were gone! BOOM!


Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0439.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0440.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0441.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0442.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0443.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0444.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0445.jpgOur 9 year old, Kaitlyn, took this one of us!
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0446.jpg
Matt Kennedy Vancouver Wedding Photographer_0447.jpg


Disclaimer: We always recommend families hire a professional photographer when capturing family photos! Don’t try this at home!