Progressive Dinner!

Written by: Carissa Kennedy

Every week I meet together with some of my closest friends for a Bible Study – we’ve done topics on raising kids, marriage, etc and it is amazing how we’ve all grown together!

We started a tradition a few years ago of inviting our husbands and doing a Progressive dinner during the Christmas Season. The majority of us all live in the same neighbourhood so it makes things pretty simple. One couple hosts for the appetizers, then we walk to the next place for salads, then main course and then the final house for desserts! It is SO.MUCH.FUN. The only not fun part is frantically cleaning your house for an all of 20 minute course (I think Matt would agree as I get a little crazy getting the house ready when we have company- but really it is his fault for being so messy 🙂 )

This year, we hosted everyone for the salads!! Tawny hosted the main course and she included a little game. She had 3 phrases on jars in different areas on her main floor and we had to write up answers for them. One was “What you shouldn’t do while you are naked”, another was “what is something you should never say to your in-laws”…. Then later on we read them all out loud! It was pretty funny! Some of the answers for the naked question were – “family portaits”, “progressive dinner”, “yoga”- the list goes on!

This year we included a gift exchange during dessert, but it wasn’t a regular gift exchange. Each couple created a date (worth around $30) and then we drew names to see who would get each other’s gifts. The date Matt & I planned was skating at Robson Square and then Starbucks and create a bucket list for 2014 as a couple. All the dates sounded really fun! Matt & I get to go to the movies!!






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