10 Tips to a Great Honeymoon!

Written by: Carissa Kennedy & Janet Buzza (with Marlin Travel)


Matt & I were young marrieds! We had never really flown on an airplane by ourselves before. Luckily, we had my mom (Janet Buzza with Marlin Travel) who was not only a mom trying to be helpful, but she specialized in planning people’s vacations. It was nice to be able to tell her that we really wanted an all-inclusive resort with a lot of fun activities and she was able to narrow it down for us and hand us our tickets! The honeymoon was something we didn’t have to worry about! We didn’t have to figure out how we were getting from the airport to the hotel etc as it was all taken care of for us. As a travel agent for over 25 years and a specialist in the travel industry, Janet has helped us with these 10 tips in helping you plan your own honeymoon or even your own casual trip!


TIP #1 – Find a Travel Agent.

For planning your honeymoon, it is a great idea to hire a travel agent.  A travel agent can assess your wants and needs. For planning your honeymoon, you want an expert opinion. We’ve found this especially useful when planning an all-inclusive trip to a place like Mexico or when planning a European vacation. It can get complicated when you are trying to figure out all of the transportation and location options on your own.  A travel agent does the homework for you! If you are booking a destination wedding, that is more reason to have a travel agent on your side. A travel agent can help groups get seats and flights together, as well as offer special discounts to you for group bookings.

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TIP #2 –  Don’t stress waiting for the BEST deal.

Janet reminds us that booking in advance may not get you a sell off rate, but it will take some pressure off of your last minute wedding plans that are already stressing you out. Sell Offs usually happen on the “cheaper” hotels, not often on the ones that are perfect for your honeymoon stay.

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TIP # 3 – Book Direct Flights when Possible.

A honeymoon is a time to relax, not try to save a few dollars by flying all over the country with the chance of missing flights. Matt and I do this ALL the time when traveling. That 5am flight is usually a hundred dollars cheaper and then we book it so we can use that cash in other areas of our holidays, then it leads us to sleeping in a van or traveling to the airport with 3 kids in the middle of the night, having no sleep and then having to sleep during our first day of vacation. We always say “We won’t do that again”! Direct is usually worth the money! Gives you more vacation time, less travel time.

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TIP #4.     Look at the most popular honeymoon getaways


1)     Mayan Riviera in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is known for it’s gorgeous crystal blue water and white sandy beaches. It is highly recommended staying at an all-inclusive resort where the only thing you need to think about is what swim suit you’d like to wear!
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2)     European Getaway

If you have a little bit longer vacation time and are wanting to explore the other side of the world, doing a tour of 1 or 2 countries in Europe can be a great option! This type of vacation may be a little less relaxing and involve extensive planning and research, but can also be really amazing.

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3)     Alaskan Cruise

If you are are getting married in May to September in the Vancouver area, consider an Alaskan Cruise. Cruises are so romantic with a lot of opportunity to dress up and have some great romantic dinners. With Alaskan cruises you can avoid the early morning flight departures and just stroll onto the cruise at your leisure. Alaska is an adventurous destination with lots to see and do. Treat yourself and book a balcony or suite.


4)     Disneyland, California

This may not be the most relaxing way to spend time together after a busy wedding, but if you are up for fun, Disneyland can be just as fun for adults as the kids. California is hot or warm most of the year and can be a great vacation spot.


TIP #5 – Register for your honeymoon.

Some travel agencies, such as Marlin Travel,  have the option of setting up a honeymoon registry. Instead of getting more towels and toasters that you don’t need, people can contribute to your honeymoon registry. When you get back from the honeymoon, your travel agent will hand you a cheque!

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TIP #6 – Consider a CONTIKI Tour. If you are looking for a busy honeymoon filled with fun and adventure this might be for you! They are for 18-35 year olds (singles and marrieds). They have tours in North America, Europe etc.

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TIP #7 – Upgrade hotel room. It never hurts to ask for an upgrade for your honeymoon. If you are doing a destination wedding, a lot of couples upgrade the second week to either a different hotel, or an upgraded room more suitable for a honeymoon

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TIP #8 – Reap the benefits of your guests for a destination wedding.

If you get so many guests booked for your destination wedding, you can end up with a huge refund on your own portion of the trip. Ask your travel agent how!

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TIP #9 – Cash in your Airmiles.

Do you or your relatives have some airmiles? Through Marlin Travel, you can cash in airmiles and receive up to $1600 off your honeymoon.

TIP #10 – Don’t forget to update those Passports!

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If you’re planning your honeymoon or vacation and are looking for a travel agent,

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We would love to hear from you!!! Where did you go on your own honeymoon? Would you recommend it? Or if you’re not married yet- what’s your dream honeymoon? 



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