Photographers: 5 Reasons you need to be at WPPI in March!

January 5, 2015

For the past 5 years or so, we’ve been fortunate to be able to go to WPPI in Las Vegas – The largest photography conference!  The first year was… let’s just say… OVERWHELMING! There was information overload – I couldn’t write fast enough in my notebook. We learned a lot of new ideas and a lot of them made sense for our business. Even better than the information-filled classes, was the chance to chat with other photographers that we could learn from. Some of them have turned into great friends!!

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If you are on the fence about coming out to Las Vegas this year, here are 5 reasons to come!

#1 – Learn from great speakers that have been where you are!

WPPI does an amazing job hand-picking incredible, successful photographers & educators that specialize in different areas of photography AND they are all in one place! They’ve made the mistakes when starting up and have learned what it takes to be successful in their field. Be encouraged! Be inspired! Coming Soon-  a post about some great speakers you need to check out!


#2 – Socialize with other photographers

Make a point of getting to know other photographers whether it is over lunch, sitting in sessions together or going out at night! This is your chance to hang out with people who get it. They get what it’s like to be editing all night once the kids go to bed or to be completely exhausted after a wedding! If you’re planning to come alone, find other people in some of the facebook groups to connect with ahead of time!


#3 – See Las Vegas

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, it is definitely a fun experience to check out at least once in your life! There is always lots to see


#4 – It’s Affordable

Going to WPPI can actually be more affordable than you think! Depending on where you’re coming from, there are lots of great flight deals flying in and out of Vegas. Last year, I flew for $50 one way (mind you, my flight was delayed 7 hours) 🙂 If you share a room with 3-4 other people, that can also keep hotel costs down. WPPI has a special room rate until TOMORROW!!! Check it out – http://www.wppionline.com/show/hotel-and-travel.shtml


#5 – Get Education

Buying new lenses or cameras can be great for your business, but education should also be seen as a valuable business expenses. Good education can move you forward and can even be a game changer for your business. Be sure to make an investment in your education for your business whether it is through WPPI or another workshop or opportunity. It is important to do things throughout the year that will keep you motivated and growing!


This year, Matt has the privilege to return as one of the speakers. Last year, he did such an amazing job and the room was packed! We LOVED getting to personally meet so many photographers from around the world!


We are REALLY excited about this year’s topic:

“Be Intentional, Be Successful”


Our main goal for 2014 was to be purposeful with our business. We didn’t want to be making last minute decisions or “time wasting” decisions for our business. We don’t have time for that with having a young family, so for 2014 our goal was to really plan out and have purpose with our business and our family!

Here’s the session write up:

Life as a photographer is busy. Learn how to re-design your business with a plan that is intentional and profitable, both for your business and life goals. Matt Kennedy will cover the following four areas in this session: Business Plan: Define your values and create specific goals for your business, to provide a road map you can follow throughout the year. Marketing Strategy: Discover which online platforms fit your brand and how to purposefully market to vendors and venues. Client Service System: Have a solid system in place so you can work effectively and not let anything fall through the cracks, while saving time and money. Life/Family Goals: Does your schedule and bank account line up with your values? Learn ways to make your spouse and family your priority, while still growing your business.

Who’s Coming? If you’ve registered for WPPI – we’d love to see you! If you’d like to add this course to your planner – click here 

Hope to see you there!

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