Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Wedding: Catherine & Darb

OH we are excited!!! The first days of Darb & Catherine’s wedding festivities were their Indian wedding ceremony. Be prepared, it is about to get very colorful and there is a whole lot of bling!

It is always such an exciting time to watch two different families and two different cultures come together. The festivities started a few days earlier with Darb and his family participating in all of the fun and meaningful Indian traditions. One of them is putting the yellow paste called ‘haldi’ to bring good luck.

On the morning of the first wedding day, Catherine, her family, and bridesmaids were getting ready all together! Darb looked great, but WOW!! Did the ladies ever look STUNNING!!! Rachael Smith did a fabulous job with the makeup and Drama Queen Studio outdid themselves with the gorgeous job of their hair!

Meanwhile, Darb and his family were getting ready as well. It wasn’t a typical western “getting ready” that takes 20 minutes, instead, they have a professional doing the turban tying and the accessories include a sword!!

At Indian Weddings, the festivities start out with the Milni ceremony where the relatives of the bride and groom embrace and greet each other with garlands! It was fun to see Catherine’s family really get into this tradition!We told you it was colorful!! We absolutely love Indian ceremonies!!

 Then we got to steal these two away for some photo time!! OH yeah!!

 Westgate Flower Shop did an INCREDIBLE job with the bouquet and other floral!!! WOW!!


Matt, may or may not have climbed a huge tree to get this shot!! He’s getting pretty good at climbing in a full suit!

The day ended by arriving at the groom’s house. The family officially welcomed Catherine to the family as they entered!

Well if you thought this day was amazing, there is more!! You will be blown away by Darb & Catherine’s ceremony & reception the following day! Stay tuned for that blog post!!




Ceremony Location: Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple

Wedding Co-Ordinator: Always and Forever Weddings | Videography: Vissare Media

Florist: Westgate Flower Shop | Make Up Artist: Rachael Smith  & Beauty by Mina

Hair Artist: Drama Queen Studio