The cutest wedding guests ever!

January 22, 2014

Kids can definitely add a whole lot of cuteness, with a hint of unpredictability to a wedding! We LOVE kids at weddings! You never know if they are going to walk down the aisle, stand there and cry or work the crowd.

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Here are some positives about having kids at your wedding:
–    Kids are CUTE and some of the cutest photos from weddings are with the kids

–     If you have nieces or nephews or special kids in your life- having them be part of your wedding creates amazing memories for them and even for you. Some of my favorite memories of a kid was being able to attend my older cousins’ weddings.

–    They add excitement and fun

–    Especially for out of town weddings, parents of the kids don’t need to worry about babysitting if they are able to bring along their kids.


Here are some negatives about having kids at your wedding:

–    Kids are UNPREDICTABLE. A child that is outgoing and you think will have no problem walking down the aisle, could all of a sudden become shy or a child that is normally quiet and calm could have an outburst. You never know what they’re going to do.

–    Wedding ceremonies and receptions can mean sitting for long periods of time, which is hard for kids to do quietly sometimes.

–    If money is tight, having children in your wedding can add to the cost. You need to pay for ring bearer pillow, outfits, flower girl pillows, gifts and sometimes there is a cost for food for all the children that come.


You need to think of what is best for your situation.
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Tips for including kids at your wedding day:

1)  Table Activities for the reception (crayons, paper, stickers, bubbles, quiet small toys etc)

This is a good way to keep kids entertained at the reception.

2)  Babysitting for the reception

Receptions are a lot of fun, but often filled with a lot of long speeches which is usually too much for kids. A few weddings we were atthis year, they hired 2 babysitters and had a side room with a TV and crafts for kids. What a great idea to let the parents have a good time, while still having their kids close by.

3)  Schedule accordingly

Obviously it doesn’t necessarily make sense to plan your entire wedding day around kids at your wedding, BUT for the most part weddings are planned for 1 or 2pm, which is guess what time….NAP TIME! The kids have a busy morning and then when it comes to wedding time, all the adults are pulling their hair wondering why they are not behaving as good as normal. One thing that may be easier to plan is the time that you do the photos with the ring bearer and flower girl. Maybe if after the ceremony is their naptime, plan to do it before.

4) Include the kids

At the reception you could have a coloring contest, trivia about the bride and groom or a hula hoop contest. Kids love competition. If you want the kids engaged – this could be an option.

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Do you have any fun stories of kids at weddings? Any tips for entertaining kids at a wedding? Leave a comment – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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