The Best Way To Share And Store Your Most Precious Images

I am so excited it’s not even funny!


The program I use to deliver and store your precious wedding photos has just launched it’s brand new mobile app, and it’s AMAZING! Check this video out!


PASS has already revolutionized the photography industry, and you get to be a part of this amazing movement of “Shoot and Share” photography. Shoot and Share means that as photographers, we include the digital files with our packages so that you don’t have to purchase print products if you don’t want to. As you know, when you have me photographing your wedding, you get all the high-resolution digital files. The way you get these files has been through an online gallery that makes sharing, printing and storing your images so easy it’s amazing. The new mobile app is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

One of the biggest questions I always get from couples is how they can get their photos on their phones or iPads when they’re not connected to the internet and don’t want to open them up in a browser. With the new PASS app you are able to have your photos stored on your phone in “Offline Mode”, which means you ALWAYS have your photos ready to go, and you don’t have to wait for them to load. This is going to be great for you and your family when you want to show off your photos easily, without taking up more from your cellular data package.

Here’s a quick run through of the app so you can see how simple and innovative it really is!

Viewing Your Photos

It’s as simple as logging in to your account! There are two ways to get an event associated with your account so you can view the photos.

1 – The Photographer assigns you an account through your email address or Facebook account, and then you use that to login.
2 – You visit the web gallery of the event you want added to your account (eg. ) and you click login from the left side menu. You can login to a pre-existing account, or create a new one through either your Facebook account (easiest) or by using an email and password.

Once you have an event associated with your account, you can view that event right on your mobile device (iOs and Android) through the brand new mobile app. This app will host all of the events you have associated with your account, for example, if you did an engagement session with me and then your wedding, followed by a Rock the Dress bridal session, you would have all three sessions in your PASS app, and you would be able to have them all saved to your phone in offline mode for instant access.

Viewing in Offline Mode

Once you have your events connected with your account, you can click on the Menu button and select “Make Available Offline”. With this function, you can have your images saved within the PASS app to be viewable at any time on your app, even if you don’t have internet connection. The amazing thing is that your photos are saved in a size that is optimized for mobile, so your whole wedding gallery could potentially take up only 0.05 GB on your mobile device! This is incredible for the quality of photos you will have saved.

To view your photos once they are set to be available in offline mode, just open up the PASS app and start enjoying!

Sharing Your Photos

Sharing your photos is simple, and can be done in a few ways.

Sharing on Facebook

You can share your entire gallery to Facebook easily by clicking on your favourite photo, then clicking on the + tab in the top right corner and selecting “Facebook” in the Share Photo section. This will open up a dialog box where you can write something about that photo or about the gallery, and then a link to your online web gallery will be posted to your Facebook timeline.

Something to consider when doing this is that this does not upload the photo to any photo album on Facebook, it simply creates a post with the link to the gallery. If you’d like to post photos to Facebook so that you can have them in a photo album on your Facebook page so you can tag people, I suggest this system:

1 – Star your favorites in the gallery on either the mobile app or the web gallery
2 – Using a computer, download your favorites by clicking on the menu bar in the top left, selecting download all, and then selecting “My Favorites”.
3 – Open up Facebook and click on your profile page, then click on the photos tab.
4 – Click on “+ Create Album” and choose the favorites folder that you just saved to your computer. This will upload the high-resolution images to your album so you get the best quality images possible, and they’re taggable on Facebook.

Sharing by Email

Some of your guests, friends and family may not be Facebook users, and you may want to share the gallery with them so they can view, save and print some of your photos. To do this, simply choose an image, any image will do, then click the + button to bring out the right side menu. Choose the “Email” option and your email app will automatically open up with the link to the image already in the message area of your email. Simply customize the email to whoever you’re sending it to and send away. They will be sent a link that brings up that individual photo and then they can click on the arrow button to reveal the rest of the public gallery.

Pinning on Pinterest

Pinning is easy with this app! All you have to do is click the “Pinterest” button in the Share Photo menu and the Pinterest app will be automatically opened with the image ready to be pinned to whichever board you choose. The Photographer’s credit will also be placed in the description of the pin.

I love that with PASS my clients get their very own app! It’s super simple for you to view, share and download your photos on all your devices. Download it now!



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