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Well we planned to do a proper family photo shoot in the summer, but with all of our weddings and events we put on with The International Academy of Wedding Photographers, it kept getting pushed. Through the last few weeks, I kept driving by this house that had a really long driveway with gorgeous leaves! […]

Today is my favorite guy’s birthday! I officially met Matt when we were 16 at summer camp. Every day during “candy cabin”, he’d come sit with me and my friends on the couch showing off his charming personality! Then I heard him sing! Done deal. Our group of friends started hanging out a lot more […]

This week I cleared out the embarrassing amount of take-out boxes and dishes off of our desk and we sat and had breakfast together like a normal family. We even threw an 8 year old birthday party into the mix with 10 girls! Especially in the last few months, we’ve been working on adrenaline until 2 […]

What an AMAZING action-packed week we had in Cancun a few weeks ago celebrating with Jay & Trisha! Jay is from England and Trisha is from Vancouver, so getting married at Moon Palace Resort in Cancun was a perfect place for both families to come together! We absolutely LOVE the colors of Indian Weddings!! They […]

Janice and Anil are the perfect pair! It was so great to see them together on their wedding day with their friends and family, and to see the support they have from so many amazing people. One of my favorite moments of the entire day was actually during Anil’s speech when he had the two […]