10 Things you may or may not know about Matt!!

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Today is my favorite guy’s birthday! I officially met Matt when we were 16 at summer camp. Every day during “candy cabin”, he’d come sit with me and my friends on the couch showing off his charming personality! Then I heard him sing! Done deal. Our group of friends started hanging out a lot more and through the ancient MSN Messenger we continued our relationship. I remember him asking me to a “Survivor” party and it turned out that no one else could come! I still don’t know if he actually invited anyone else. We went to grad with each other and on the day of my ceremony, Matt pulled me aside at my house and sang a song to me with this guitar called “Will you be mine?” to ask me out! I’m excited to say, that I still very much have a crush on him!

Here are a few things that you may or may not know about him:

#1 – He’s Mr. Fix it!

One of Matt’s greatest strengths is how well he is at troubleshooting almost any situation. He can clearly see how things work and could take things apart and put them back together. I remember being in labor with our first daughter in the hospital and I had to be monitored as I was induced, so I couldn’t go in the hot shower for my sore back. The mobile monitors were broken and the nurse’s said they had been broken for months. Matt looked at them and had them fixed in a matter of minutes impressing me and all of the nurses! We’ve saved a lot of money by Matt fixing a lot of things from cameras, to car DVD players to kids toys! This is even true in our relationship! If I’m upset about something he has learned how to quickly fix it! It usually involves an “I’m sorry!” and “You’re totally right”.


#2 – He’s a great teacher!

Matt got his Bachelor of Education and got a  job as a high-school teacher right away! Very early on, he started his photography business which quickly took over his teaching job, but what is amazing to see is how now he is teaching and encouraging thousands of photographers all around the world. I’m not the most “teachable” person, but Matt knows how to lay things out and clearly explain things step by step in a way the un-teachable can understand.


#3 – He can talk his way into anything!

I found this out very early on when he told me he didn’t have to do much homework in highschool, he knew how to butter up the teachers (and he was naturally brilliant- don’t you hate those people!) Whenever we need to talk to a company about getting a good deal or to fix our order at the restaurant, Matt can do this no problem (while I sneak away to the restroom because I’m way too embarrassed).


#4 – He’s the puke cleaner!

My stomach gets queasy just writing that word. Matt is more of the nurturer in our family and has a stronger stomach than me, so when kids are sick (unless it is close to a wedding day), he’s in charge!


#5 – He’s an amazing musician!

A lot of people already know this about Matt, but he is a really talented musician! He discovered the guitar and singing in highschool at his youth group and eventually that led him to winning talent shows at his school. It was quite hilarious visiting one of his shows and seeing girls hold up signs saying “Matt Kennedy is a FOX!”  He was in multiple bands including a pop/rock band, youth band and even sang for the army military reserves. During our first year of dating he tried out for Canadian Idol and made the Top 32 (Check it out – CLICK HERE). He doesn’t have the opportunity to play as much anymore, but he does an amazing job leading the music at our church every Sunday and that is more rewarding than any of his achievements!


#6 – He’s Creative & Artistic!

A lot of us know this by seeing his photography skills, but he is also a skilled nail painter to all us girls in the family and the master pumpkin carver! As a business partner, it is amazing to see how many “out of the box”, exciting ideas he comes up with! The practical side of his wife tries to encourage each idea, then weigh out what is really realistic, but he really is a brilliant business man!


#7 – He’s a great athlete!

Matt grew up playing hockey with the nickname “Flash”, but he can do well at almost any sport! Even if it is just a game of bocci ball, he’d probably win!!

#8 – He’s a tad messy and not the best house maintainer.

Well Matt can’t be good at EVERYTHING!! Although he’s very capable of fixing things around our house or changing light bulbs, these kind of things just don’t bother him, so we often wait until we really can’t see in a room, until Matt or my dad for that matter, do something about it! He likes decorating our floor with his clothes and towels on a daily basis.


#9 – He pays attention to details!

This part blows my mind, because like I said he doesn’t notice clothes on the floor or burnt out light bulbs, but on a wedding day he notices EVERYTHING! If a necklace or piece of hair is out of place on the bride or if something is just not perfect, he makes it perfect, which make for great wedding photos! He cares so much and I love that about him!


#10 – He’s an amazing leader of our family.

Matt is a decision maker, a peace maker and God follower, which makes for a great leader of our family! He likes adventure and he encourages & pushes us all forward to be the best possible. He protects us and sticks up for us! I’m a proud wife.


I thank God often for this guy and how perfectly he compliments my strengths and weaknessess. I’m so thankful for his gifts and talents, but even more, his impressive character and love for other people! I love you Matt!