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A day of rest seems like an easy thing doesn’t it? One day out of all 7 days to take a break. For some reason, this is SO hard! I think self-employed people,  such as photographers, find this especially hard as there is not necessarily an end time to our work day- there are always things to […]

We’ve had a tradition for the past 6 years to go camping with a bunch of our friends! We all look forward to it every year! As the group gets older, the tents are turning into trailers! Us young ones rough it out! 🙂 Or maybe I just don’t want to spend the money! Instead, […]

According to money magazine, 84% of their respondents note that money causes tension in their marriages, and 13% say they fight about money several times a month. Most people hate dealing with money or talking about money, they normally just like spending it! I (Carissa) was the opposite growing up! I had a love (maybe […]

Every year our family makes a list of all the things we’d like to do that summer, but it usually looks nothing like this!! It is usually a mixing bowl with folded up pieces of paper!!A few of my friends are Pinterest lovers and can actually create the fun things they see!! My friend, Danika […]

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! That week leading up to the weekend was a bit over-scheduled for us and by the time Good Friday came around, we were exhausted! We had a great day lazing around the house and taking it easy. Fridays are typically our scheduled “day off” as we are normally working […]