The SUMMER Bucket List!!!

Every year our family makes a list of all the things we’d like to do that summer, but it usually looks nothing like this!! It is usually a mixing bowl with folded up pieces of paper!!A few of my friends are Pinterest lovers and can actually create the fun things they see!! My friend, Danika through her business Honey & Ginger Custom Decor had the brilliant idea of making & selling them for the non-martha stewart type people like me!!! They are only $15 – check them out!!

If you don’t have kids yet, you can even do this for yourself or as a couple!

The idea is that you write all of your fun things to do on the clothes pegs and once you’ve completed them, you put the peg in the bucket.

Here were some of the ones we came up with:

– Camping

– Sleepover with friends

– Slip N Slide

– Video Games

– Swim at 2nd Beach Pool at Stanley Park

– Spoil our pastors

– Seattle Zoo

– Waterslides

– Make Smores

– Watch the airplanes land

– Ice-Cream

– Playdates

– Picnic

– Stay at Super 8 (our kids like the waterslide)

– Science World

– Go canoeing

– Mommy/Daddy Downtown Date

– Lego Land (not too sure we will make it there, but maybe)

– Strawberry Picking

– Blueberry Picking

– Make muffins for another family

– Go to the Vancouver Zoo

– Drive-In Movie Theatres

– Lemonade Stand

– Garage Sale


What is on your BUCKET LIST this summer? We’d love to get some more ideas!! 



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