This is a huge honor! I was recently contacted by the people at Colin Cowie Weddings because they had heard through the grapevine that I’m the guy to talk to when it comes to Sparkler Shots. They interviewed me and wanted to show some of my work to inspire brides and photographers to try sparkler […]

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This was a pretty special wedding for me as I used to play hockey with Shawn for many years, and it was so great to be able to be a part of his wedding day and to see the family again! Shawn and Claudia are such a sweet, genuine couple who really went all out […]

Written by: Carissa Kennedy & Janet Buzza (with Marlin Travel)   Matt & I were young marrieds! We had never really flown on an airplane by ourselves before. Luckily, we had my mom (Janet Buzza with Marlin Travel) who was not only a mom trying to be helpful, but she specialized in planning people’s vacations. […]

Written by: Carissa Kennedy Every week I meet together with some of my closest friends for a Bible Study – we’ve done topics on raising kids, marriage, etc and it is amazing how we’ve all grown together! We started a tradition a few years ago of inviting our husbands and doing a Progressive dinner during […]