Westfields Mariott in Chantilly, Virginia: Nick & Shruti

OH the color!!! Indian Weddings are SO colorful and we LOVE it!! We were very fortunate to be part of Nick & Shruti’s wedding at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia in December and it was AMAZING!! It wins the award of being our earliest wedding with a wake up of 5:30am (EST). It is always fascinating to see the different ceremonies and customs that their families have. Nick was greeted by Shruti’s parents and taken into the ceremony, while Shruti had other ceremonies and traditions in another room. When it was time, she was carried into the ceremony in a beautiful basket!

For several minutes, the bride and groom were on either side of the curtain not allowed to see each other. It was great anticipation leading up to when Nick could finally see his gorgeous bride!

One of our favorite parts of the ceremony was the rice throwing! First they threw rice on each other and then the family and friends were able to join in!

Shruti was a superstar! After 5-6 hours of ceremonies, lunch and a receiving line, it was time to get ready for the rest of the day!! Isn’t her top stunning!

Time for Nick to see his bride at their First (or I guess second) Look!

Now, Shruti is an award winning dancer…but Nick sure held his own, even for a white guy!

After the bridesmaids put on a pretty fun dance display…the real surprise was coming next…



Dresses: Ceremony Saris Bought in India, Reception Dress by Shruthi | Bridesmaids Dresses: Sankruthi

Wedding & Ceremony Venue: Westfields Marriott | Venue Wedding Coordinator: Rachel Lewis

Officiant:  Ramesh Babu from Sri Siva Vishnu Temple | Decorator: Shagun Weddings



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