Ryan & Adriana Engagement Session

I have to admit, I would have to use my toes as well if I wanted to count how many times I’ve thought about getting back on Ryan’s boat and cruising around the inlet again! We had so much fun bouncing from place to place and they are such a great, natural couple! This just makes my job easy, and my life enjoyable!

Here are some of my favorite photos from their session…and no they didn’t jump off the boat like they said they were going to…next time!


I asked them – “is there anything you’d really like to do here before we go?” and Adriana responded “OOOH, I’ve always wanted to roll down a hill!!”

OK, it’s getting too hot, we’ll have to stop right there 😉



  • jamie delaine - wow, she is beautiful!

  • Katelyne - There is not a single shot I don’t love. Amazing work! Beautiful couple. Beautiful spirits.

  • Kevin - They look so sweet in those photos! Great job on taking them perfectly!

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