We are incredibly thrilled to have Wendy Dessler share her expert thoughts on the trends she is seeing with bridesmaid dresses. Wendy works withAzazie – be sure to check them out! We would also love to hear YOUR thoughts too in the comments, so let us know what trends you are loving too! ………………….. 6 […]

Brett & Brittany had crossed paths a few times at cross country races throughout the years, but didn’t really think much of it. Things ALMOST started to happen at the Summer Games Dance…. Brett had eyes on Brittany and although Brittany tried to make it obvious she would be interested in dancing with him,  Brett was […]

We just dropped off the kids to their first day of school, which means routine, pumpkin spice everything and a fresh start! What better way to start it off then by showing off a wedding of our dear friends Andrew & Brooke!! We have known Andrew and the Ellingson family through church and music for many […]

Christina is the kind of bride that wakes up early on her wedding day to make sure her horses are fed! She’s the kind of bride that walks down the aisle rocking her cowboy boots! She’s the kind of bride that is the first one at the party to change out of her dress into […]

  We couldn’t believe this wedding day was finally here!! Both Jamie & Sarah grew up in Maple Ridge and even went to school at Meadowridge together! They didn’t really know each other back then as they were in separate grades, but Sarah was actually friends with Jamie’s brother, Michael as they were in the same […]