Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2017


We are incredibly thrilled to have Wendy Dessler share her expert thoughts on the trends she is seeing with bridesmaid dresses. Wendy works withAzazie – be sure to check them out! We would also love to hear YOUR thoughts too in the comments, so let us know what trends you are loving too!


6 Wedding Trends For 2017

Weddings like seasons, change with time. But some of the best weddings incorporate modern with traditional. Chic and stylish fashion merges with vintage fashion to allow the bride and groom to create a wedding uniquely theirs. Here are a few of the trends we’ve been seeing in 2017:

Bridesmaids dresses – alike but different

This bride is embracing a current trend with her bridesmaid’s dresses. The color and the material are the same, but each bridesmaid embraces their own fashion choice. With different lengths, necklines and even shoe style, the look is perfectly balanced. Even though one bridesmaid has chosen a shorter dress and the other a knee-length, because they are both above the knee, the look comes together beautifully.

Multiple choices

This bridal trend is a big hit with brides and their bridal party. This bridal party consists of 6 bridesmaids. WIth this trend, you can choose a dress for your bridesmaids that match but are not uniform. This bride has chosen 3 dresses. Two bridesmaids wear each selection for a perfectly balanced but completely different look.


Even though the bridal trend this year leans more toward the dark colors, this bride has made a beautiful choice for spring. The shades of lavender, hints of pink and small floral prints work beautifully together. If you are going to use pastels this year, the subtle differences in colors combined patterns are the way to go.

Back to black

Elegance and understated beauty are stepping up to the center stage this year. This is the classic color of the most refined wedding. For those who want the sophistication of black, but do not want to have a black and white wedding, navy blue is taking a close second place. For a softer look still, opt for steel gray.


Notice again that the bridesmaids are each wearing a different gown and the fabric is the only thing that ties the look together. The bride has chosen two different fabrics. Two dresses are made of a fabric that shimmers and the other four are flat and silky.

Trio of colors – anything goes fashion

This trend is very popular and it will easily go on for another year or more. The bride has chosen a short dress of white. The bridal party was given three color options, ivory, gold, or plum. Any floor length gown of those colors (one color or separates that use those colors) are acceptable. Each bridesmaid wears a completely different gown. The look is classy and fun.

The shock of a fourth color, thrown in by the groom only adds to the fun.


If you have been paying attention, another trend is obvious and holds true in each of our examples. Brides and bridesmaids are not wearing hair coverings or hair jewelry in today’s weddings. Some brides are opting for trains that attach to the back of the hair. This leaves the hair styles completely visible. Trains that attach to the waist and trail behind the bride are also popular. Some brides ask that all their bridesmaids wear their hair up or they all wear their hair down. But, in this example, each of the women has chosen a style that they feel most beautiful in.


Overall, we’ve moved away from the bridesmaids being uniform in the same dresses with the same hair and continue to get more and more creative with coordinating, rather than matching! Looking for a great selection of bridesmaid dresses? Check out Azazie!!