Jeff and Tasha Engagement Session

SUPER CUTE COUPLE ALERT!!! Jeff and Tasha are Rockstars! We had such a great time walking around Gastown and Stanley Park for their engagement session! Even thought beauty really is pain! Tasha’s shoes were giving her such bad blisters she could hardly stand after about an hour and a half, so Jeff piggy backed her back to the car! As you can tell by her outfit, the cars driving by probably had something to laugh about around the dinner table that night! haha


Here are a few of my favorites from their session…OK more than a few!


Yes I climbed another tree…I don’t know why people are so afraid of me doing this…and by people I mean Carissa! She literally looks at me every time she hears about anybody getting hurt doing anything and says “SEE!!! YOU’RE NOT CLIMBING ANYMORE TREES!!”

We’ll see…



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