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OK…so this is a special one ­čÖé Ya, ya, all weddings are special, but we’ve known Hayley for so long, and she’s also been working with us for years and is a photographer herself! So when we were asked to shoot her wedding, it REALLY was an honor! She sees every outtake we ever shoot, […]

Will & Amber really have something special! Without going into all the details, Will was in a major accident years ago and broke his back. Specialists told him that he would never be able to walk again, and never be able to have children of his own. Well, you don’t tell that kind of thing […]

Hope is classy and fun! She had everything so well organized for her wedding. Kyle & the guys were organized too┬á–┬á Rings check! Vows check! Chinese money envelopes check! The groomsmen and groom drove to the bride’s hotel for the first look, but in order for Kyle to see his bride, Kyle and his groomsmen […]

Last year on Thanksgiving weekend, Matt & Ashley were spending time with her family up at their family cabin. My Matt was running on adrenaline doing the long drive up to his cabin because┬áhe got to do his dream job…being a spy! Matt (Ashley’s Matt), was going to propose to Ashley and he wanted to […]

These two met in grade 8 English Class and it was ‘love at first sight’……well, for Sean it was! He had eyes on her for years and Tina took a few years to make up her mind, but she did agree┬áto go to prom with him. It wasn’t until years later that Sean had finally […]