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There really is no better time of day to photograph beautiful people than during a beautiful sunset, and especially at a beautiful beach! Paul and Casandra were looking fantastic, dressed to the 9’s and ready to rock it! We had a great time running around the beach as the sun faded past the horizon, leaving […]

Stephen and Elly came to Vancouver ALL THE WAY FROM HONG KONG, and I’d like to pretend that they came just for their engagement session with me, but I’m sure they had other reasons as well! Ok, Ok, they came for a friend’s wedding up in Whistler, but it was the perfect time to setup their […]

Gilles & Breanne had worked together for YEARS…and now they’ve realized that they are perfect for each other, and I could totally see it during our session! They laugh together, they are so comfortable with each other, they talk each other up when the other person is not around…it’s just so awesome to see! I […]

This is why my job is the best job in the world! I get to hang out with cool people, at cool places, and take pictures of one of the happens times in their lives! I LOVE IT! Playland was a great place for this lively duo to do their engagement session, and we had […]

Sometimes things just click. It’s a weird but amazing moment when you get to the end of your first meeting at Starbucks and you don’t really want to get up and leave! I had one of those moments with Nick and Janelle when we first got to meet and talk about their relationship and their […]