Behind The Scenes!!

2014 was a big year at the Kennedy household, and we’re so happy that you’ve been a part of it! We’ve loved getting to know so many couples over the year, and have had such a great time with their friends and family at their weddings! I climbed lots of trees, Carissa wore Men’s clothing, and we had the best time doing it together! We wanted to give you a glimpse into the behind the scenes of our life, so without further ado, I give you, on the count of two, with a new hair do, a blog post just for everyone… πŸ™‚

Having three kids has been pretty helpful when it comes to getting kids to smile!


…Especially because we always have Dora and Diego loaded on our phones. That really helps during family photos to get the kids to smile!


This kid wasn’t allowed to smile πŸ™‚

We have loved shooting so many Indian weddings this year…partly because most of them have been in Mexico!

Carissa getting all done up with Henna!

Sometimes I wish I were 10 feet tall, then I wouldn’t have to climb on so many things…but I like climbing…so I’m ok with just under 6 feet tall.

Sometimes I lay down on the job, my feet get tired OK?!?


Climbing on stuff, climbing off stuff…all the same. Gotta get that angle!

I’m so glad that our couples go wherever we ask them to! Pretty sure this wasn’t the cleanest of all alleys

No poop jokes. It was a great angle!


This roof top was more slippery than you would imagine! Guess how I got on there?


I saw this tree from way down the hill and Matthew and Ida were so awesome to hike all the way up the burnaby mountain hill just so we could get this shot! High heels and all!

I told you I like climbing in trees! brings back childhood memories, and always gets a fun angle!

See what I mean. 10 feet tall. That’s all I want.

Vitalija said she really wanted a photo of her dress up on this huge rock wall fireplace. So I first had to carve out little notches in a wooden coat hanger so the dress would stay on, and then I got to scale the wall in my socks and find a rock to hang it from. They need a deeper mantle! This was TOUGH!

We absoluately LOVED shooting in Lake Michigan! That water is amazing!


We also love to be a part of the wedding, not just a vendor in the corner! Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to Kate and Shaun for getting engaged and buying a new home together!! Kate is the beauty in the black top and white skirt.

Sometimes we don’t smile…but not often

The Ellen “groupie” is a highly requested photo now!

Loved working with these great vendors at Tony and Kim’s Whistler getaway wedding!

I told you Carissa wore Men’s clothing! She pulls it off like a ROCKSTAR too!

Sometimes I have to get in touch with my feminine side and show them how it’s done πŸ™‚

Happy to help wherever I can, I really wish someone would have told me that my shirt was untucked though!

Carissa’s getting right in there too!

This really is my part-time job. Hairstylist, dress do-er-up-er, boutonniere put-er-on-er, pocket square and tie tie-er, you name it.

Hands up if I’ve helped you with your dress. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing πŸ™‚ It pretty much happens at every wedding!

Sometimes the places I like to shoot from are places where other people won’t go…sometimes they won’t go there because there are signs telling them that they’re not supposed to….

I was pretty itchy after this one!

I spent some time with Amy & Jordan down in Arizona and even shot one of their weddings with them. Sadly, I had dirt on my face. AnyoneΒ knowΒ why!?

Tag team, back again. And the untucked shirt!
album_0248.jpgI swear I was getting an angle, not sleeping..on ….the….AAAHHHHH…jooooob..



I think I could totally get used to this whole shooting while skiing thing! I loved it!! And yes I had a jacket and gloves…thanks mom :p


It was a hot day…there was a fan…they used it!


Just double checking that everything’s ready to go for the big entrance…I see the light!

Long veils and rough wooden beams don’t go very well together…well, they’re actually quite attracted to each other!

I like walking while shooting because it makes me feel like I’m in the SWAT team taking down a target…don’t be afraid πŸ˜‰

We liked the shot we got of Ian and Glynis here so much that we decided to go back there after we were done and get our own photo πŸ™‚ Thanks Mr. Tripod!

hahaha, this is kind of a behind the scenes shot because you can see what I’m doing here! The ambient light and my sparklers ended up lighting my white shirt too much, so I actually took my shirt off for the last few sparkler photos under the assumption that my skin must be darker than my stark white shirt…that was a failed assumption. Time to head back to Mexico!!

Looking forward to some more fun in 2015!




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