It’s always extra special when you get to photograph a wedding for someone you’ve known since high school! Amalea is also a photographer and has worked at my studio in the past. It was an honor to travel to Vancouver Island to photograph Shawn and Amalea’s wedding at the beautiful The Gardens at Horticulture Centre […]

For so many reasons, this wedding is close to my heart! I first met Ivan and Joanne over an afternoon coffee in downtown vancouver, at which they brought Joanne’s lovely mother! We got to know each other as Joanne’s mother smiled from ear to ear and Ivan grilled me about why I’m a photographer and […]

  • Autum Rhoades - Absolutely love the memories you’ve captured here. As a photographer myself, I really appreciate how any person looking at these images can see how in love they are, how beautiful their day was. Wonderful! Also, thank you for sharing your initial consultation with the couple. Photography isn’t just a hobby or a means to an end…it’s a passion to capture the beauty of God’s creation, the joy, the love, the moments that we hold in our hearts. Beautiful!

    Many Blessings,

    Autum Rhoades
    A Living Reminder Photography
    Matthew 6:33

This could be the very reason why I’m a photographer. Why I strive for the best I can be, and why Carissa and I put so much care and attention into our clients. Anastasia emailed me about her wedding, and she was so excited! I think it’s probably best that you read it for yourself […]

  • Savannah St. Jean - Matt, gorgeous work! And what an absolutely stunning bride! You captured such great emotion in these pictures too. Perfectly done.

  • Ruth Callender - Absolutely exquisite…both the pictures and the bride!

Written by: Carissa Kennedy It isn’t a surprise- getting engaged is exciting!! You are just beaming as you excitedly tell your family, best friends, hair dresser, newspaper boy that you’re engaged!! I can remember the first week I would keep glancing at my new ring to see the different ways my ring sparkled in various lights! […]