To receive wedding information and tips like this, be sure to sign up for our Wedding Newsletter through our website! Wedding Bars are gaining in popularity! They are such a fun way to add little extras to your wedding day and make it more memorable for your guests! Some couples have these set up […]

After Gerry & Enzina spoke on the phone for 2 weeks, they met on a blind date! Enzina told us that with Gerry and her dating for over 4 years and sharing a beautiful 5 month old son together  “a lot of unexpected emotions came out of me knowing I was going to marry my […]

  • Spicytee - Beautifully captured. Love it

Like a lot of our couples these last few years, Alvin & Lynda met online! Alvin first contacted her on Valentine’s day and then about a week later they were off to their first date at The Whip! Now after a few years of dating, it was time to seal the deal! Alvin & Lynda’s […]

  • May ( Sunflower Florist) - I got so emotional looking at these gorgeous pictures. Feeling so honored to be part of this lovely couple’s big day

  • katelyn james - awesome you guys!!!!!!