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Tis’ the season of engagement sessions! We did a very similar blog post in the spring, but thought we’d give it a little update with our new blog. We LOVE doing engagement sessions with our brides & grooms. It is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, get them comfortable in front […]

Matt & Natalie’s wedding was full of deep love, lots of laughter and a lot of emotion! It’s so inspiring to see two families with such strong family values come together and celebrate the joining of their clans. We could tell instantly that these two came from loving homes with all the support in the […]

I first met Matt and Kari at Dustin and Lindsay’s Wedding about 4 years ago when Matt was a groomsman, and now the tables have turned and Dustin was Matt’s groomsman this time! They had a beautiful wedding overlooking the Fraser River at Bonson Community Center, only to be outdone by the beauty that was […]

You know you are going to be at a fun wedding when our new client inquiry comes up as “I’m a huge white guy (6’6″ 250lbs), she’s a tiny Chinese chick (5’0″… don’t ask or she gets punchy), me and my groomsmen will be in kilts, she’s wearing a bright red wedding dress, we’re featuring […]