Monthly Archives: October 2014

I’m pretty sure if I can read in to anything about most of our couple’s lately, it’s that we should get a dog! Maybe that will stop Carissa’s urge for a 4th baby!?!?! Chris and Emma have two beautiful, fun dogs named Lola and Bea! I literally had Copacabana stuck in my head the whole […]

What a privilege it was to go out to the gorgeous Spirit Ridge Resort and Spa in Osoyoos, BC. The location was stunning! The resort was surrounded in scenic vineyards and featured a stunning view of the water! We first went over the the ladies getting ready in their villa and then to the guys in their […]

A day of rest seems like an easy thing doesn’t it? One day out of all 7 days to take a break. For some reason, this is SO hard! I think self-employed people,  such as photographers, find this especially hard as there is not necessarily an end time to our work day- there are always things to […]