Monthly Archives: August 2014

What an honor it was to join John & Vitalija and all of their closest friends and family in Michigan to celebrate their marriage. John owns a fireworks company (Spirit of 76 Fireworks) and came across Matt’s YouTube video on how to do sparkler shots. He asked if Matt would do a write up for his […]

WOW!!! We had an amazing time in Michigan a few weeks ago! We would have never imagined how stunning the scenery would be and how hospitable and amazing the people we met would be! A lot of the celebrating happened at John’s family summer home right on the water! This is not just a little […]

Matthew and Ida tied the knot in his parent’s backyard not too long ago, and I could not have been happier photographing this wedding! It was sooooo relaxed, AND on time, it was amazing! Everything just flowed smoothly, even though Ida changed dresses 3 times!! The story goes that as they were trying on dresses, […]

We sent out this article in one of our newsletters a few weeks ago. If you are a photographer and you’d like to start receiving our  newsletters & tips, you can sign up HERE! This month, the focus on our newsletter has been about finding balance! One of the things we have struggled with and have worked […]

I have to admit, I would have to use my toes as well if I wanted to count how many times I’ve thought about getting back on Ryan’s boat and cruising around the inlet again! We had so much fun bouncing from place to place and they are such a great, natural couple! This just […]