Monthly Archives: July 2014

Ahh what an amazing wedding Brian & Esther had at beautiful Whonnock Lake!! They actually live in Ontario, but Esther grew up here! The wedding ceremony was beautifully set up on the patio outside the hall. Everything was perfect and then… rained! We tried to just delay the ceremony a bit, but the rain didn’t […]

You want to know why I love this so much?! No, it’s not because they did an amazing job designing all the little details for this party. No, it’s not because I got to eat popcorn AND cupcakes at the same party. No, it’s not even because it was a scorching hot day and they […]

We’ve had a tradition for the past 6 years to go camping with a bunch of our friends! We all look forward to it every year! As the group gets older, the tents are turning into trailers! Us young ones rough it out! 🙂 Or maybe I just don’t want to spend the money! Instead, […]

I think parents always get nervous when their young adult children go off to a far-away land to do some traveling because what usually happens……..they meet someone, fall in love and move across the world! Erin fell in love with the very handsome Greg all the way from England!!! It was incredibly exciting for us […]