UBC Boathouse Wedding: Paul & Kelley

Paul and Kelley had their wedding on a beautiful day in November! It was just perfect- not typical for November in Vancouver! The guys and girls got ready for the big day in their separate rooms at the River Rock Hotel. What a privilege it is to be photographers and be behind the scenes with both groups and experience the excited emotions they are going through! Paul & Kelley had a beautiful first look just outside the hotel with the wedding party excitedly peaking through the windows. We found out that Paul has a minor obsession with planes and what a perfect area this ended up being for us as it was right by the Vancouver International Airport and huge planes would travel by every few minutes. Paul & Kelley have some great friends- their wedding party was so laid back and just a fun group to be with all day.

paulandkelleysneakpeeks-0001_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg
paulandkelleymasters-0179_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleysneakpeeks-0006_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-0351_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-0414_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-0432_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-0502_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleysneakpeeks-0035_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleysneakpeeks-0037_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleysneakpeeks-0041_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg
paulandkelleysneakpeeks-0044_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgThe ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful UBC Boathouse right on the water! It was the perfect spot for showing off the gorgeous Vancouver sun set.

paulandkelleysneakpeeks-0046_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-0903_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-0935_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpgpaulandkelleymasters-1031_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg
paulandkelleysneakpeeks-0060_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg
paulandkelleysneakpeeks-0061_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

paulandkelleymasters-1283_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg
paulandkelleymasters-1381_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Congratulations Paul & Kelley – your day was simply perfect!




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