Usually clients will book us about a year ahead of their wedding to ensure they get the date they want. Well, Samantha called us 2 YEARS before her wedding date to book with us, and a year later we did their engagement session! haha! Now we’ve got another year to go in anticipation of an […]

This couple. This wedding party. This venue. This decorator…..The list goes on!! We were in heaven!! To be honest, Allison hoped and dreamed of a beautiful sunny wedding day overlooking the gorgeous mountains beautifully on display at the Fraser River Lodge, but the forecast called for rain and this time, the weatherman was right! We […]

We are big fans of Kurtis & Megan!! The excitement in Megan’s initial emails and when we got to sit down to go over wedding plans with her and her mom, just made us look forward to this special day!! This couple, along with their families are SO welcoming and incredibly hilarious!! The guys and girls […]

There’s just something about backyard weddings that I love! This wedding was so full of personal touches it was incredible! Corinne’s two kids were the bridal party, and it was so great to see the custom things they did in their ceremony to honor the impact that the kids have had on their relationship. Such […]

Oh wow!! The weekend we had with Shaun & Kate got better and better!! Their wedding day was unreal!! Shaun and Kate feel like instant best friends. They are incredibly hospitable, warm and fun to be around! We loved every minute we got to be with them! The girls were getting all dolled up at […]