Memphis Wedding: Matt + Natalie

Matt & Natalie’s wedding was full of deep love, lots of laughter and a lot of emotion! It’s so inspiring to see two families with such strong family values come together and celebrate the joining of their clans. We could tell instantly that these two came from loving homes with all the support in the world.

Matt is a also a wedding photographer down in Florida, so we were especially honored to come down and shoot their wedding in Natalie’s hometown of Memphis! It’s always hard for photographers to be present at their own weddings without worrying about what the photographer is doing, so we are happy to be able to take that burden off of his mind for that big day!

This wedding was so exciting for both families!! There was a great joy! Because Natalie would be moving the next day down to Florida, there was also a lot of tears! They capped the evening off with an awesome flash mob style dance of thriller by the brides immediate family…it was amazing!

Here are my favs from the day…

Matt and Natalie-0022_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Both Natalie and Matt got ready for the day in separate areas of the church. Each of them opened gifts from each other- Matt gave Natalie pearls that would become a family heirloom and Natalie gave Matt an amazing scrapbook documenting everything from the first time they met and all throughout their relationship. It was touching to see each of them read their letters from each other!

To Color,

Matt and Natalie-0004_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

When Natalie was all ready, she walked in to see her dad! Natalie has an amazing bond with her dad and this was one of the many touching moments of the day.

Matt and Natalie-0006_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

After Natalie saw her dad, it was time to see the man she was going to marry! Matt nervous and excited to see his bride was waiting patiently outside the church. He was blown away when he saw Natalie!
Matt and Natalie-0007_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0012_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0013_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0014_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0035_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0015_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0017_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0019_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0040_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0038_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0044_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0003_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt & Natalie’s ceremony was one of our favorites. After Don walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle, he administered most of the ceremony. The wisdom, love and advice he had for this couple and for everyone in the room was rich! This was also one of the biggest ceremonies we’ve ever been to with over 500 guests!!
Matt and Natalie-0047_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

To Color,

To Color,
Matt and Natalie-0041_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

This was not a tradition that Matt and I were used to- 2 wedding cakes: a bride cake and a groom cake! Loved it! Can you tell who’s is who’s? The cakes were unbelievable.
Matt and Natalie-0052_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

While the guests waited outside getting ready for the sparkler exit, Matt & Natalie had the big empty ballroom to themselves and this is where they shared their intimate first dance!
Matt and Natalie-0055_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

They left the party in style! I was pretty sure something was going to light on fire!
Matt and Natalie-0057_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0020_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Matt and Natalie-0001_Vancouver Wedding Photographer.jpg

Thanks Matt & Natalie for bringing us down to Memphis to capture the celebration of your lives starting together! We love you guys!



  • David and Kay Spain - What beautiful pictures to go along with a beautiful couple! Praying for you and your life together, may you be blessed with a long and healthily life!

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