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Due to circumstances our of their control, Lally & Chantelle ended up looking for a photographer just a few short days before their wedding, and we happened to be available for their date so we made it happen! The best part was just how quickly we clicked with them, and how natural it felt on […]

Most of you who are planning a wedding, have never had the opportunity to plan one before. You may gather as much information from various sources, as well as rely on other’s experiences so that you can piece together the best event of your life! We are really excited about some of our posts in […]

Now this is a couple that knows what they want! A celebration of their marriage with their closest friends and family, an intimate ceremony with just their parents, and a little black dress! I guess the only thing up in the air was “bow-tie” or “tie-tie”!? Well, bow-tie won, and we had a great day […]

2015 was a great year!!! Marriage is at the top on the priority list for us! We value and cherish the moments that we get to spend together (most of the time) and we absolutely love working side by side to see two lives mould together into one family! We don’t take for granted the incredible moments […]

Nathan & Aleta put so much thought and care into their wedding!  Their wedding was a few days before Christmas and all of the Christmassy details were the perfect way to get us in the Christmas spirit! Nathan and Aleta got ready for the day separately with their parents! Once everyone was looking their very best, […]