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If you have ever been to an Indian wedding, you are well aware of all of the jewels, beading and fabric involved in their amazing sari’s and outfits! They are beautiful!! Paul & Casandra’s reception took this to a whole other level!!! Every detail sparkled and the day was STUNNING!!! It was a great way […]

We felt like we were doing a wedding in a far off tropical location, but we only had to drive 4 hours from our home!! We have been LOVING our Okanagan weddings this year as it has given us a chance to have a little getaway of our own and the vineyards and beautiful lakes […]

You guys!! This wedding was unbelievable!!! This was not only one amazing event, this was 7 days full of incredible parties, ceremonies, and celebrations! On day 1, Casandra’s family brought in a famous singer from England to kick things off. I don’t know how you can top that, but the celebrations got better and better!! […]

Pat & Lynda win the award for being the most laid back/’enjoy the moment’ couple!! We loved them!!  They got ready in their separate rooms at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver and they were even early!!! When does that ever happen?? Once they were ready, Lynda came to meet Pat on the lawn outside. You […]

Oh you guys….we are so excited about this gorgeous Sparkling Hill Resort wedding! Not just because it was held at an incredible venue. Not just because the day was as perfect as can be, but this couple, their families, their friends that came to cheer them on, made the day unforgettable! Click below check out the […]