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The UNITED Conference in Santa Barbara, California reminds us of youth summer camp, but for photographers! We love it and it is one of our highlights of the year!! An amazing community of photographers that feel like they are all best friends (thank you facebook) coming together once a year to hang out together, be […]

What a GREAT wedding with two GREAT people!!! This wedding was extra special to us as Alanna is Matt’s cousin. Not only a cousin, but the baby of like 30 cousins!! Ryan & Alanna are a power couple! They are so incredibly talented and fun, with huge hearts for people and it was reflected on […]

Kids can definitely add a whole lot of cuteness, with a hint of unpredictability to a wedding! We LOVE kids at weddings! You never know if they are going to walk down the aisle, stand there and cry or work the crowd.   Here are some positives about having kids at your wedding: –   […]

Paul and Kelley had their wedding on a beautiful day in November! It was just perfect- not typical for November in Vancouver! The guys and girls got ready for the big day in their separate rooms at the River Rock Hotel. What a privilege it is to be photographers and be behind the scenes with […]

Sam & Taryn were gracious enough to let us use their wedding to be featured in our NEW Promo Video!! Take a peak of the day through the photographer’s eyes… Sam & Taryn met at the gym!! It took them a few months to work up enough courage to talk to each other! Taryn mentioned […]