Akali Singh Sikh Temple: Paul & Casandra

You guys!! This wedding was unbelievable!!! This was not only one amazing event, this was 7 days full of incredible parties, ceremonies, and celebrations! On day 1, Casandra’s family brought in a famous singer from England to kick things off. I don’t know how you can top that, but the celebrations got better and better!!

On Day 6, was Ceremony Day at The Akali Singh Sikh Temple!! We felt like we were in Aladdin’s castle! Paul got ready with his family, while Casandra got ready with hers. The details of Indian weddings are our favorites!! The Bride and Groom are superheroes for making it through the day with several pounds of jewels and fabric!

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As the bride walks in during Indian ceremonies, the groom doesn’t normally look at the bride, but it was fun to watch Paul sneak a few peaks of his gorgeous bride!



After the formal ceremony, we headed out with the wedding party to take some photos.



After photos, we headed back to Casandra’s family’s house. With Casandra hiding upstairs, Paul had to convince the family to let him in. They weren’t going to let him in easy. He needed to work for his bride. Paul gave an amazing rendition of “All My Life” by K-Ci & Jojo, the the groomsmen had to do push ups, followed up by dancing. Finally after they completed their tasks and handed over some cash, Paul and his family and friends were allowed to come in!




One of the most emotional parts of the day is the Vidaai, when it is time for the bride to leave her family. This symbolizes the mother and father releasing their daughter to their husband and his family. It was time for this family that worked so hard to raised their beautiful daughter to let her go. You could see the emotion on her dad’s face and he did everything to fight the tears.

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Can’t wait to show you the amazing last day of this wedding! Stay tuned to see the reception photos!

The Incredible Team behind this gorgeous ceremony:

Ceremony Venue: The Akali Singh Sikh Temple

Make up & Hair: Your Face My Art Inc. – Andrea tiller | Outfits: Well Groomed  | Decor: Jessie Khaira 

Videographer: Vissare Media Inc