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It was the start of a new decade for Marc this year -one of our best friends and next door neighbour for the past 8 years!!! Marc turned 40 and to celebrate we went to New York City with our best friends.  We were scheduled to go at the beginning of October…everything was booked and bags […]

We just got back a few days ago from a very JAM-PACKED and EXCITING week on the east coast!! Matt & I got to visit with some of our very favorite people, shoot a wedding and were able to visit some amazing places, including our 2 hour stop in New York!! It was such a […]

These six!! We love them. Matt & I have the greatest friend group….we’ve raised kids together, we’ve prayed for & encouraged each other in good times and bad and made fun of each other more times we can count! Awhile ago, we took off to NYC for Marc’s 40th birthday (CLICK HERE to see the […]